10 Traits of Empowered Kids

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Empowered Kids Are:


1. Effective Communicators

2. Critical Thinkers & Problem Solvers

3. Responsible

4. Emotionally Mature

5 Self-Motivated

6. Secure In Their Identity

7. Able To Address Conflict In A Productive Manner

8. Comfortable In Diverse Environments

9. Aware Of Their Unique Contribution To The World

10. Accountable For Their Own Mental, Physical, Emotional,& Spiritual Health

Empowered Kids Have:

  • High Self-esteem
  • Respect For Self And Others
  • A Clear Sense Of Self
  • Healthy Boundaries

To be successful a child needs love and support! With love a child feels welcomed into the world and with support the child can stay confident and stick with the things they are interested in. I feel very blessed to have received both of these gifts and I hope others can feel just as successful as me!
–Isabelle, age 10, Traverse City, MI

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