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Time for Parenting

Life seems so busy.  How much time do you put aside each week to work with your child on communication?

It is essential to take at least 10 minutes a day and one hour a week where your family dedicates time to sharing with open and good communication skills.

This creates a level of awareness in kids that how they feel matters and empowers them to understand the skill of sharing with others.

When there is something important, it might be a family meeting.  ”Let’s have a family meeting about going on vacation next month.”  or “Let’s have a family meeting because I am frustrated that the house is a mess after we all agreed to keep it neater.”

Problems belong to the person that has the problem, and family meetings create an atmosphere that encourages help from those we love.  Oh, you might have to get through some anger, sadness or fear, but on the other side are people that love us.  Our new program GPS for Kids teaches you and your kids how to run family meetings.  And this week we will give you our article on family meetings for free when you sign up for GPS.

Don’t forget about downloading days!  Each day of a child is filled to the brim with experiences that trigger a wide array of emotions that offer an opportunity for personal growth.  Finding out what those experiences were is powerful in helping them understand who they are in the world.  ”How was your day” will get you a response of “Fine.”  ”Tell me about your day and start right from the beginning” helps your child reenter their routine and along the way they will recall things that happened that got them upset.  That is where you need to realign your child’s GPS or Guided Path to Success to a balanced child.

Life flies by but the time you commit to communication will pay off in so many ways you will never be able to put a price on!  Start today.

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