Shopping for Schools – Part 1

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Shopping for Schools – Part 1

When we are in the market for a new house, we shop around, and in the process determine what the best deal is according to our priorities.

When we buy shoes or clothing, we try on a few to find which fits us the best—what is most comfortable for us.  And how many hours have been spent in the school supply aisle, looking to find just the right folder or pencil.

It is startling to realize that when it comes to investing twelve years of education in our children, many parents simply send their children to the local public or private school, in spite of the problems their child may experience.

We empower our children when we shop around and commit to sending our children to the public, private, alternative or home school that best-suits their needs. The goal is to support and engage our children’s love of learning while teaching them to interact on an equal level with adults and ask for the support they need.

Loving to learn is something all our children are born with and when we tune our children into their right to maintain that gift, we empower them to take charge of their education.

There are two barriers to dissolve before shopping for schools.

The first is the belief that we know which school is best for our children. The second is the belief that the government, social system or anyone else knows the answer better than our own children do.

Children are naturally attracted to environments that provoke their curiosity and support their individual needs and abilities.  When we empower our children with trust in their ability to know what’s best for themselves, they become accountable for their education.

Shopping for schools expands a child’s awareness of the world by presenting her with a variety of classrooms from which to choose. It also gives a child an opportunity to figure out what is important to him and how well the school will support his interests.

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