The 7 Secrets of Success in School and Life

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The 7 Secrets of Success in School and Life  CD – Get it Free!

Here are the 7 secrets we reveal on the CD:

Secret # 1 How Kids Build Confidence

  • How the brain creates and destroys confidence
  • Ways to rebuilt lost confidence
  • Signs that the loss of confidence it going to occur

Secret #2 The Two Week Rule

  • What it is
  • How to use it effectively

Secret #3 – Who Is Really In Charge of Your Child’s Learning

  • The 5 questions that you need to ask before your child steps foot in the in door
  • What is real responsibility
  • The secret of how your child learns

Secret #4 – Worth and Empowerment

  • How to foster self confidence from the inside-out
  • How to open up communication and honesty with your child
  • Stories to read to your children about potential

Secret #5 – Child’s Rights In Learning

  • How the brain figures things out when it knows who in charge
  • What right does your child have and why do they need it
  • Choosing to learn

Secret #6 – The Five Most Important Skills Your Child Need to Succeed In Learning

  • Communication – how to understand the question your children are asking
  • Feeling Worthy – What it is, where it comes from and how to nurture it
  • Areas of Passion – all kids love something, use this to help them learn
  • Mistakes – how to turn mistakes into a good thing
  • Navigate the System –understand the power structure and how to navigate

Secret # 7 Grit

  • Explore, practice, Try – Repeat
  • The brain as a resource
  • Different ways of figuring it out

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