Principles & Practices of Conscious Parenting – Part 3

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Responsible Choices

Principle: A healthy part of a child’s development is the continual testing of their own limits, as well as the limits imposed by others.

Parents can begin by providing a range of acceptable choices within which the child is free to choose.

Gradually parents can (and should) allow children to take increased responsibility for themselves and their decisions.

Throughout the process it is important for both the parent and child to take responsibility for their own actions, reactions, and emotions.

In Practice: If you want your child to dress in a certain manner, pick out two or three outfits each day and let them choose.

Offer choices between two or three chores to do around the house. Ask how many more bites of dinner s/he would like to eat before getting up from the table.

When it’s time to clean up, ask your child how many items s/he would like to clear off the table. In general, the fact that the child is making an independent decision in a meaningful situation is more important than the actual number you agree upon.

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