Principles and Practices of Conscious Parenting – Part 7

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Encourage Curiosity

Principle: Expect (and help) children to maintain their innate curiosity and love of learning.

External motivation reduces a child’s natural drive to learn and explore. Provide an environment in which a child can set and achieve his/her own goals so as to expand the child’s sense of capability and raise self-esteem.

In Practice: Help your child choose a school that supports and promotes his/ her unique style of learning and natural curiosity. Ask for change in the present school system to support your child’s personal needs.

If your child is bored or miserable at school, s/he will lose interest and the motivation to succeed. Starting as early as kindergarten or first grade, kids are turned off of subjects due to Principles of Conscious Parenting problems with a teacher, the way material is presented, or a curriculum that doesn’t match their level.

Keep learning fun by making challenging one another in a non-judgmental way. Ask your child to come up with some challenging story problems you can work on together. Play learning games at home and in the car.

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