Principles & Practices of Conscious Parenting – Part 5

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Principles & Practices of Conscious Parenting – Part 5

Independence & Community

Principle: Children need to realize their strength and capacity as an individual while feeling that they are a valued and essential component of a larger group.

This sense of comfort in a group begins in the family and transfers to other social situations, assisting children in being confident in diverse situations.

In Practice: Have family meetings in which each family member has time to express what they are struggling with or unhappy about.  Ask that these feelings be expressed in terms of what s/he would like to see done differently.

Avoid arguing about the past and instead focus on the future. Let each person speak without being interrupted (adults as well as children) and give equal value to everyone’s feelings. Let kids give their ideas for how problems might be solved before you jump in and give them your opinion.

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