Principles & Practices of Conscious Parenting – Part 6

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Principles & Practices of Conscious Parenting – Part 6

Good Communication

Principle: Good communication is important in any relationship and  essential in families.

It is how we connect one to another, ask for what we need as individuals, and develop our personal boundaries. Open lines of communication empower kids to comfortably and safely confide in us.

In addition, they provide us with feedback that helps us structure our support according to each child’s needs and abilities.  The breakdown of good communication results in feelings of isolation, frustration and misunderstandings, a high price to pay.

In Practice: Listen to your heart and express your love for your child.

When you commend them for a job well done, focus on the characteristics of your child rather than on the characteristics of the task. If you have a complaint, ask the child for his/her own opinion about the situation, then tailor your request to his/her feelings.

Beginning when they’re young, ask your child to tell you everything that happened at school. You’ll gain much better insights than with the usual response that school was “Fine.”

Instead of punishing your child for telling the truth about something you disapprove of, encourage him or her to tell the truth and discuss the matter in an open, non-reactive

manner.  You can’t control what happens outside your presence, but you can encourage responsible behavior in the course of open discussions.

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