Principles & Practices of Conscious Parenting – Part 8

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Principles & Practices  of Conscious Parenting – Part 8

Role Models

Principle: Children learn from the physical and emotional health habits of their parents.

Children will recognize and adopt healthy boundaries, respect for themselves and others, and good communication when they observe those traits in their parent’s words and actions, even we are struggling internally to do so.

In Practice: Do the best you can to honestly demonstrate high self-confidence, healthy boundaries, good communication and take responsibility for your own decisions and emotions.

We all have days that seem tougher than others. Let your child know when you are struggling and express it in feelings, for example, “I feel sad because Grandma died.”

This gives our children the right to express their feelings. Let them know they are not responsible for your reactions, and that although you may not like what they did, you still love them. Don’t be afraid of your mistakes, let your difficulties empower your children to risk and make mistakes of their own.

When we over react and use our power instead of empowering, apologize and let your child know that they never deserve that treatment from anyone.

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