Is it okay to push my teens into AP classes?

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Is it okay to push my teens into AP classes?

Pushing kids into anything is never the desired action.

Motivating them to make a healthy choice in spite of challenges is.  We want our kids to learn the life skills they need to succeed in life.  That means they have to get to know who they are and how they operate in the world.

We aren’t trying to show them how good you do! Does your child feel capable?  If not, sit down and list his or her concerns. Why don’t they want to take AP classes?

If they feel they can’t do it, suggest they go talk to the teacher who is offering the class and get an opinion.

If they say it is too hard, suggest they go ask the teacher if they can enroll for two weeks and drop out if it is.

One of the best motivating factors for kids taking AP classes in this country is this:  College costs money.  If you tell your child that he or she is going to have to pay his or her way through college, imagine how much AP classes are worth?  Explain it to them.  Each AP class you take saves you $1500 of college money and makes your college load lighter.

Your child needs to figure out how to keep their GPS or Guided Path to Success turned on.  Help your child figure out what is best for them instead of telling them. Every obstacle is an opportunity for your child to learn about who they are.  Give them confidence in their ability to figure out what is best for them and watch them turn on to life!

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