My Young Daughter Talks About Having Babies

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My Young Daughter Talks About Having Babies

Today’s Question Addresses Why Young Girls Might Start Talking About Having Babies.


My daughter is eleven years old and proudly talks about having babies of her own when she turns sixteen.

What is going on?

This sounds like a child who has little to look forward to in her life. Start asking her how she feels about herself.  If she brings up a baby, communicate how much potential there is in a child, and how important it is to encourage a child to be all she can. Then, bring the focus back to her.

What would she like to do with her life? Ask her how she thinks she is progressing in discovering her potential.  What are her dreams? Help address her low self esteem,  by setting up some goals for her in school, at home and with things she loves to do.

Start out small and encourage her to stand up for what she would stand up for with her own child one day. Her lack of dreams and inability to see her own potential drive her to focus on the future instead of the present. Use the potential of any child to help her recognize her own potential.

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