My Kid Doesn’t Want to Go to School

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My Kid Doesn’t Want to Go to School

There are days for every parent or guardian that our kids just don’t want to go to school!  What do we do!

Most days encouraging them might work, letting them take a day off, but there are times we want to get to the reasons they don’t want to go and we want to support them in those reasons.

“I hate math.”  Instead of saying, “Now you don’t really hate math.”  Get empathetic.  I can understand why you hate math.  I hated it sometimes when I was in school. ”

Be honest.  Be empathetic.

Then, set up a plan for changing his or her attitude about math.  Make a list of complaints they have.

too much homework

don’t like the teacher because…find out the because

too easy

too hard

Then, take each complaint and help your child figure out a solution for the day.  ”What if you asked your teacher if you could do 1/2 the problems as long as you got them all right.”

Jimmy might speak to Mr. Smith and tell him he doesn’t think it’s right that he always yells at the kids.  Tell Jimmy you will go with him to talk to Mr. Smith.

Day by day you can help your child figure out and adjust what he or she is reacting to and get their GPS turned back on.

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