My Child Hates School

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My Child Hates School

There are reasons why kids are turned off of learning.

Is it okay?  No.

The goal is to empower kids to know they have the right to be successful in education, as well as the ability to learn life skills that help their needs to be met.

The issue is to daily work with your child, supporting their feelings and helping them address the issues.

Instead of waiting, ask them every day how they are doing at loving to learn.  Ask them to figure out what they need to get their love of learning back.  It might be “less homework,” “more challenging work,” “less criticism,” “more help…”  They can address the issue, change their attitude or find another school that will keep their love of learning alive.

Every child can learn.

If they can’t change the system after they try, then they have one option left—change their attitude or find another school. Believe in them, hold them accountable to their love of learning and watch them flower into who they truly are!

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