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We have all heard about the terrible two’s, but what about the challenging “Why?”‘s?  Every time you say anything to your child, “Faith, please pick up your spoon you dropped.”  “Why Daddy?”  Why this?  Why that?  Why?  Why?

First of all think of this as a filler.  Like you saying the word, “well,…”  It is a starting point for a child beginning to take control of his or her world.  There is a particle of truth in wanting to know the reasons behind things, and there is a filler that stops the process until the child gets the answer, or so she hopes!

Remember that these are not conscious thoughts you child is doing to you, but rather a change in their position in life.  So, how can you move through it more easily?

Identify the underlying reason.  If you child is asking why he should pick up the spoon, it is a filler.  He knows why.  On the other hand, if you say you have to wait for a letter to come in the mail, it might be a legitimate inquiry.  Pick, choose and vary your responses.  Turn the tables and make the child think.

“Please pick up your spoon you dropped.”

“Why, Daddy?”

” Because there is large spoon eating bird that is known to appear when spoons drop on the floor and I need you to get it before the bird does! ”

Suddenly  your child will pay attention because you have changed the dynamics.  He then has to change his, and think.

“I need to go to the real estate office before I take you to school.”

“Why Mommy?”

“They are working up a contract for buying our new house.  Remember that house you liked….”

Legitimate question.  Counter the fillers and lazy whys with fun alternatives that make your child wake up to your conversation instead of just filling it.  Then, one moment, turn the tables.

“Mommy, can I buy some gum?”

“Why, Carrie?”

“Because I want some..”

“Why do you want some…”

And keep smiling, as all too soon their love of exploration and adventure will risk being numbed and then you will start asking why!!

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