How Do I Stop Whining Kids?

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We’ve all heard it.  Sometimes it’s our own kids and other times it is much worse because the child belongs to someone else!!!  Whining, Whining, Whining.

I listen over and over again to, “Pwease can I have candy. Pwease.”  The pitch of the voice gets higher, the volume increases and the repetition peaks.

I am disappointed by the amount of patience some parents have when it comes to poor behavior, and yet those same parents seem to lack patience when it comes to discipline.  control of some parents in public spaces…then I remember I have been in their shoes before.  ”How did I handle it,” I ask myself.

I remember choosing a quiet path when my kids were very young.  If they whined I seemed to lose my  hearing…”I can’t hear you.  Are you whining?  I can’t hear you when you whine?”  And they would gather their self control up and speak in a normal voice.  Simple, but very effective.  When it didn’t work, I removed them from the situation.  I remember once one of the girls was crying in the store so I took her to the entrance and sat there until she got back to control.

Interacting with our kids is building habits that last a lifetime.  Kids develop as they learn to take responsibility for their actions and those new brain connections give them more power for dealing with circumstances in the future.

Parenting is giving attention when a child needs it.  When their behavior is poor, try “not hearing” and start it out when they are still in their crib, whining for you to pick them up!  ”Mommy will pick you up when you stop crying.”

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