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Healthy Child – Recipes and Nutrition News

Healthy Recipes for Kids : Blend the Coconut Shake

Healthy Recipes for Kids : Coconut Mango Shake Recipe; Real Food for Healthy Kids: 200+ Easy, Wholesome Recipes [Hardcover]; Real Food for Healthy Kids: 200+ Easy, Wholesome Recipes (Hardcover); Real Food for Healthy Kids: 200+ Easy, …

Publish Date: 01/18/2011 1:53

The School Where Kids Love Veggies for Lunch | Natural Vitality Kids

Better Health for Our Kids. … “I run out of steamed broccoli; I run out of roasted brussels sprouts,” Nicole Hoffman, chef for Food Service at Abernethy Elementary School, told Natural Vitality Kids. “The children are really excited about food here. … The kids like roasted vegetables a lot. We also do really easy things that seem like kidsfood, such as homemade macaroni and cheese. We have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that we make as an option most days. …

Publish Date: 02/14/2011 14:52

How To Help Your Child Develop Healthy Eating Practices « Food

Any adult who is caring for a child needs to make sure their child eats correct and knows what wholesome eating is all about. What is learned in childhood seems to stay with us as adults, and a sound diet will do wonders for health … All of us, including you and your kids, see ads all around us for foods that do not have your health as a prime consideration. Of course it is impossible to protect them from such unhealthy messages. The clear solution is to help them …

Publish Date: 02/12/2011 20:50

Pack Your Child’s Lunchbox with Healthy Foods

Dr. Rich Molteni offers advice to encourage healthy eating habits in children.

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