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Why Did I Create This FREE CD?

Because, quite frankly, I just want to inspire your child to succeed.

I know how hard it is to keep a child’s love of learning alive once they enter school, and to help them learn how to succeed in life. So, I created a program that helps you tune your child’s internal

GPS = Guided Path to Success!

I created these tools when I was raising my own kids and started the tools off at a young age. So many of my friends wish that they had used them when their kids were young!

These tools saved me and my kids a lot of stress and sleepless nights

When my kids came home and told me that “I hate school” or when I would get the call from the teacher telling me that my daughter couldn’t read, I had a system of steps that empowered my child to turn that around.

So if you are concerned about…

Is you’re child is struggling with subjects in school?
Does your child talk about school when they get home?
Is your child’s self esteem deteriorating with grades?
Do you want your child to succeed in life?
Do you want to learn how to keep the child’s love of learning alive?
Do you want your child to know the value of who s/he truly is?
Do you want your child to make good choices about drugs and alcohol?

Not sure? Then keep reading… because you’re about to find a solution!
But first, I want to share my personal story…

Find Out How A Single Mom Dealing With Divorce, Lack of Money, Dyslexia, and Hardships Was Inspired To Figure Out A System That Empowered Her Kids In Spite Of Life!

When my kids were young, no matter where I went, people always commented on the fact that they seemed different and wanted to know why. Over the years, that difference proved to be a basic confidence in who they were and how they fit into the world.

The fact is, in spite of my own issues, (and we all have plenty!) I raised three empowered daughters with self esteem built from the inside-out.

This means that what happens to them in life doesn’t change their perspective of who they are. One of my kids went through a painful divorce, attended 13 different schools and still graduated from the University of Chicago.

Another had a dream of working for Teach for America and is doing just that this year, after graduating from college

The other overcame the stigma and low self esteem of dyslexia and ADHD and is graduating next year with an engineering degree

How did I know what to do? It’s funny, but I was guided for sure, and the other thing I did was to remember what it was like when I was a child and what I would have needed to feel okay about myself.

I hated school, didn’t talk much. Thought I wasn’t very smart, and got the grades to prove that. Then, one day I got a job at Newsweek Magazine, was promoted six times in 4 years and realized I was smart and valuable.

But, I gained that self esteem from the outside in – my value was because of my success, and I still had to learn that I had value no matter what.

So, one thing I knew for sure was that I didn’t want to raise my kids the way I was raised.

There Had To Be a Better Way.

No matter what I read I didn’t find the answers so I started developing the tools on my own, holding the vision of a child that knows and lives the truth about who they are.

They are born with an innate curiosity and love of learning.

They are unique and valuable to the family and the world.

They are born with unbounded potential.

They are capable of possessing high self-esteem, be self-motivated and respectful of self and others.

They are a product of their beliefs and experiences

As an empowered parent I realized how I treat my child has a direct influence on how they feel about self and the choices they will make

It is my job to support my child’s unique talents and abilities and to…

Foster my child’s curiosity and love of learning,

Empower my child to learn to make meaningful decisions every day

Remind my child that their future is full of possibilities

And Acknowledge That Parenting Is As Much A Learning Process For Me, As Life Is For My Child.

Those words,” there has to be a better way,” was my mantra when I had my kids. Everything I was guided by to do was based on these three main points:

1:   Kids truly learn by figuring things out in their own brain, in their own way.

2:   No matter how much I might want to, I cannot do that for them.

3:   The more I allow my kids to make decisions and take responsibility for their lives, the
more they learn how to be successful in life – in spite of me!

So, that may sound simple, but implementing it means stepping back and letting your develop his or her own, internal GPS or what we call, Guided Path to Success, while providing healthy boundaries.

That’s not so easy; we need all the help we can get.

There are so many distractions today; schools are crowded, test scores seem more important than ever and yet kids seem to be doing worse than ever. There are social pressures; peer pressure, financial issues, and none of those reasons have to stop you from empowering your child’s GPS. In fact.

I’ll Show You How To Use Problems To Tune
Your Child’s Internal GPS.

Each of us is doing the best we can as parents, but maybe the point is being a good parent is more about the child than it is the parent. We need to empower our children to be responsible for who they are in the world instead of letting us or teachers or schools decide their potential

When a child feels resistant it can result in: arguing, yelling, closing down, talking back, bad grades, tantrums.

This leaves parents feeling guilty and not knowing how to cope.

These are all byproducts of the loss of the love of learning.

We have to empower our children at a very young age if we expect to change the apathy we are seeing in teens and young adults, an apathy that is compensated for by alcohol, drugs and other addictions.

We can’t count on the schools to graduate healthy, empowered kids that make good decisions about their life – just look at the use of drugs, alcohol and other addictions.

We have to empower each child to work within the system, to learn how to maneuver and ask for what he or she needs.

My number one priority is to let my child know that they have the right to keep their love of learning alive. They were born loving to learn and no one had the right to take that away from them!

Everyone Needs To Learn This System.

What I had to learn to do is get out of their way and let them figure out what life meant to them, and how they saw life. I developed a way or raising kids that is much like how a child learns to read – it’s an internal process where each child’s brain has the right to make sense of what they are seeing.

You won’t find this information in any school or book, because it’s easier for the schools if your child conforms.

But, the price you pay is this…

Did you know that how a child feels about who they are in world just may be the biggest factor in future addictions!

Each of us figured out how to get through life, but the difference is in how balanced and healthy we manage to do that. If we listen to what others tell us to do, and how to do it, or teachers or schools telling us what to learn and how we learn, we end up closing down to learning and what we learn is this – We must not be very smart, because we can’t learn it their way.

The Real Goal Is To Raise Kids That Are Healthy And Balanced – Without Addictions.

I am a life coach for families and businesses, as well as a certified
EFT-CT practitioner. Each month I work with kids, helping them learn to
take responsibility for the potential they have within, and with parents
to help them stop taking responsibility for their kids! That’s right!

It’s something we parents have to unlearn.

We know that having all the money in the world, or having the best house or the perfect parents, or going to church every week doesn’t correlate with raising kids who have a good sense of who they are in the world. In fact, these are the kids that get pregnant early on start drinking and using drugs to feel better about themselves, and develop addictions to feel good.

The United States has the highest rate of teen and young adult drug abuse in the world. We have so much and yet we aren’t giving kids what they truly need!

Every child has a gift within.

I t’s our job to encourage the child to know that and to act from that belief in every instance in life. Now, if you know you have a gift and a purpose, and you also know how alcohol and drugs affect your body, you make better decisions for yourself. That doesn’t mean a child will never try something, but it does mean that GPS Kids make healthier choices and can be honest with their parents.

I talk with parents all the time who are at their whit’s end…

“I don’t know what to do. Casey came home from school and wants to quit math. She loved math last year.

“Brady can’t read very well and is failing. I punish him and take away everything he loves to do, but he is still failing. What should I do?

I teach you how to turn that around and support your child every day in just how bright they are, if they decide they want to do something. You become their advocate instead of their disciplinarian. At the same time you incorporate boundaries and tools that make your relationship healthier than ever.

Consider this:

A child spends over 1000 hours a year in school.

If a child feels like a failure for 1000 hours they are going to believe they are a failure.No child is a failure; they are just unable to conform to the structure of school.

All children deserve to have the best possible tools for success at school and in life.

No Child Deserves To Feel Like A Failure!

Do You Want To:

Raise a child that feels good about him or her self?

nsure that your child discovers his or her gift within.

Improve your child’s reading?

Keeping your child’s love of learning alive

Learn how to empower your child to make healthy decisions about drugs and alcohol

Understand how to communicate with your child

Raise addiction free kids

Improve Your Childs Success In School (and life) with your FREE CD today!

Just Try My GPS for Kids Course for 14 days for only $4.95and I’ll give you the 7 Secrets CD for Free !

So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out!

I created “7 Secrets to Improving Your Childs Success In School and Life and GPS for Kids so everyone can empower their children in life. There is a better way!

What Secrets Do I Reveal In The CD ?


How Kids Build Confidence?

How the brain works and the secrets to empowering your child’s confidence

Ways to foster your child’s vision of who they are in the world

Warning Signs that your child has shut down

The TWO WEEK Rule!

What it is?

How does it affect my child?

How to use it effectively.

Who is REALLY IN CHARGE of Your Childs Learning!

5 questions you must ask before your child steps through the door of school

The five questions your child needs to ask before they start school.

How do we teach responsibility

The secret of how your child learns

Worth and Empowerment!

How to foster self confidence from the inside-out

How to open up communication and honesty with your child

Stories to read to your child about potential


How the brain figures things out when it knows who’s in charge

What rights does your child have and why do they need rights?

What happens when we let go of fear and anger, and open up to life.

The 5 MOST IMPORTANT SKILLS Your Child Needs To Succeed in Learning

Communication – how to understand the question your children are asking

Feeling Worthy - What it is, where it comes from and how to nurture it

Areas of Passion – all kids love something, use this to help them learn

Mistakes – how to turn mistakes into a good thing

Navigating the System – understand the power structure and how to navigate


Explore, practice, try -repeat

The brain as a resource

Different ways of figuring it out

…and many many more secrets empowering your child for success!

14 Day Trial Membership to GPS for Kids
Special Offer – Only $4.95

GPS for Kids is a weekly interactive program that engages both parents and kids in figuring out how to tap into a child’s potential.

How To Turn On Your Childs GPS the RIGHT WAY

The GPS for Kids Membership Includes 12 Complete Step By Step Weekly Trainings

Parents Video introducing the topic and priciples of the month

Children’s video that engages you and your child in figuring out the topic

A refrigerator reminder based upon that months topic

A story that embraces the topic

Personal Coaching – send in your question and Sue answers them via webinar

If after the 14 trial you love our course (and we know you will) do nothing and your membership will continue and you will be billed only $27 a month

If for some reason you decide that after the trial that GPS for Kids isn’t for you
cancel and still keep the CD and Bonuses!


Your child’s success in school (and life) may depend on what you do next. I believe that starting now and … six months from now… a year from now… no matter when, you’ll look back on this moment as the one of the best things you ever did for yourself and your child.

But only if you claim your FREE CD NOW. You have nothing to lose here – but your child has everything to gain. I know without a shadow of a doubt you’ll do the right thing.

“I Only Ordered 300 CDs…

And I’ve been shipping them out left and right!”

Your child’s success in school (and life) may depend on what you do next. I believe that starting now and … six months from now… a year from now… no matter when, you’ll look back on this moment as the one of the best things you ever did for yourself and your child.

But only if you claim your FREE CD NOW. You have nothing to lose here – but your child has everything to gain. I know without a shadow of a doubt you’ll do the right thing.

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