Give Your Child a Chance to Succeed

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Give Your Child a Chance to Succeed

How often do we spend our time finding activities where our children can have a chance for success?

We rush them off to planned, coordinated events like sports, or music (all which are great by the way) but do we miss out on the everyday events that present themselves, maybe disguised a problem or an inconvenience.

The other day I was with my two boys and we were going to do some shopping.  We pulled in the parking lot of the store and I was ready to go.  It was chilly out so the boys needed to put their coats on.

My oldest son was at the stage where he was learning to zip up his jacket.  Many times I do it for him, because I want to get on with my task or plans.  This time he started to zip his coat and was having difficulty.

I gave him a minute and said, “Let me help you with this.

“No Daddy, let me do it”, was his response.

I could have gotten upset because we were spending all this time in the car when we could have been shopping already but I realized…

This is something that is important, he is learning what works and what doesn’t work.  He will get it done, if I give him enough time, it will be a success for him.  So I took a deep breath and told him.  “Take as long as you need, once you get your jacket zipped up, let me know, if you have a question ask me.

This took the pressure off him and mind you, it was the pressure that I was creating – my stuff, not his.

So take the time to day to find a way to give your child the opportunity to have a success.

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