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Future of Parenting

The future of parenting lies in acknowledging how those incredible brains that our kids possess work.

A brain, no matter what capacity, loves to figure things out.  When it can’t, there is protective devices that shut it down and protect us.

Empowered Parents know that raising kids is about supporting our kids in discovering who they are in the world on a day to day basis, as opposed to telling them who they should be.

Choices are an intrical part of parenting for the future.  Every time a child has a choice, the brain has to figure out something, and this increases the brain power and neural connections a child has.  We are not training our kids, but rather we are conditioning them to live in the world as they build the life skills they need to be successful.  Success is defined as the ability to live a balanced life that is productive and meaningful based on your potential.

GPS for Kids –How to Turn On Your Child’s Guided Path to Success.  Each child has a built in GPS to help them navigate through life!

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