Failing Teen Takes On Her Life

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Failing Teen Takes On Her Life!

The other day I drove down to meet a client who was coming over to Florida from their winter home in the Bahamas.  Sherry wanted me to meet with her daughter as Jasmine was having some outbursts of anger and frustration, as well as not taking responsibility for her education.  I agreed as long as both of them wanted to do this together, which they did.

We found a nice, outside restaurant that offered an outside eating area where we could have some privacy and soon Jasmine was telling me how she started yelling and screaming at her mom about her frustrations.  She said she realized she was really out of control.

“Why did it happen,”  I asked.

“Well, my mom keeps pushing me to talk to her about what’s bothering me, and finally the dam bursts and it all just pours out.”

“So that sounds good to me.  It is taking a lot to get you to express your feelings, but you did, and you also realize you have to find a healthier way to do it.  Don’t you agree?”

She looked at me with all the wisdom that is stored within our children, yearning to be used and said, “Yes.  I can see that.  I need to get my life in order.  Will you help me?”

“Help you.  You seem to be doing a good job of self-destructing and I can’t help someone that doesn’t want to take responsibility for the choices they make.  Like why do you sleep in until noon every day?”

“I can’t go to sleep.  My brain is full of thoughts that I can’t seem to shut down.”

“So, you can learn to meditate, get more exercise…I don’t know the answer, but you do.  Whatever it is you need to start figuring it out so you don’t keep doing the same things over and over again.  Now, what about school? (Jasmine had home-schooled for years and the past three years had moved to public school and done well except for the last semester.)  Your mom has to get you up in the morning…give me a break, you’re fourteen years old.  If you want to go to school get your own bum out of bed and get ready.”

Jasmine offered a few more excuses, to which I replied, “You are so full of it.  You know those are all excuses.  There is no one responsible for you but you.”

She looked at me with that all-knowing wisdom, the wisdom you will start seeing in your child, and said, “You’re right.  I know exactly what I want to do and I have to buckle down and do it.”

Sherry piped in with, “Do you know how many times you have told me that?”

I added, “What’s different this time, Jasmine?”

She looked at me straight from her heart and said, “This time I want to be accountable to Sue.”

“Okay.  Accountability to me is on a daily basis.  What is it you want to accomplish?” I asked.

In seconds Jasmine had listed the things she needed to do to get into the school she wanted to.  I wrote, in my personal handwriting, which many people thing is a private form of short-hand, keeping track of her TO DO list.  Afterwards, I gave her the list and said, “Type this up and email it to me by tonight.”

“But we won’t be home until 9:30!”  her mother replied.

We all sat there and within seconds her mom discovered the irony, “Oh, that matters to me, but Jasmine is up late anyhow so it’s no problem.”

That night Jasmine translated my foreign language, sent me her TO DO list, called her dad to tell him she was flying home and also researched the best fare.  She on track for turning on her GPS or Guided Path To Success!!!  Join us daily for updates on this tee

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