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Energy and Life

Think about the times you just feel blocked and lose your energy, most of the time it is stress related.  Now, imagine being a child.  Imagine when you were a child.  Think about all the energy and zest you had when you were young and then the stressful events that may have started a process of shutting down.  GPS for Kids is about developing the life skills to help our kids learn how to keep their spirit soaring.

Kids learn new ways to deal with negative emotions.  Kids develop communication skills that help them address every day problems in healthy ways rather than anger and violence.  Kids learn that who they are in the world is just who they should be at a certain moment of time.  They also learn that what they want to create and/or change is a part of learning how to ask for what they need to make their life a little better.

I just can’t fathom putting kids in school to fail.  Then when there are news stories about unhappy kids that turn to violence, drugs, etc., we are shocked.  I am not shocked.  Failure is not pleasant for any of us, young or old.  Therefore, we find other ways to find our power and the results are jails that are full of people that failed.

Let your child know daily he deserves success.

Let your child know daily that success is the ability for your child to find a balance in life that results in good health and spirit.

Let your child know that success is what s/he envisions, not what someone else designs for him or her.

Let your child know daily that s/he is the most powerful learning machine in the world!!!

Let your child know daily that you are there to support them in discovering who they are and what they have to contribute to the world.

Children are the future.  It is time to change that future now.  Fill the halls or school with kids who are determined to succeed and we will see the schools morph.

Have a great day!  Sue

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