Does Your Child Suffer From Nightmares?

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Does Your Child Suffer From Nightmares?


I’m Scared!”

If you’re a parent whose child suffers from frequent or recurring nightmares, you know the feeling.

You feel tired, helpless, and, depending on how long it’s been going on, possibly a little frustrated, too.  After all, you have to wake up in the morning to go about your day and you can use all the sleep you can get.

What causes nightmares in children?

There are two types of fears that children (or any of us) have.  First, are the “What If…” Fears–Fears of the unknown or worries about the future.  These are fears not based on any actual experience we’ve had, but stories our mind creates.  These can take just about any form.

For kids, it might be a fear of a monster under the bed (though they’ve actually never seen one nor any evidence).

The second type of fear is based off past experience, or the “But It Has Happened” Fears.  A child who has suffered the loss of a loved one, abuse, or some other traumatic event (or even a neutral event that they perceived as traumatic) is afraid that the same thing could happen again.

No matter which kind of fear your child is experiencing, the fears are very real in your child’s mind.

What things shouldn’t you do to stop nightmares in children?

Belittling, yelling, threatening, or denying your child’s fears will never help.  It may make your child less inclined to you with their fears, but it will only force their fears inward, which will probably result in even more nightmares.

You may think that helping your child rationalize why their fears are unfounded may help, but for the majority of kids, feelings don’t have to be rational.

To help stop nightmares in children, you need to work at the emotional level instead of working at the “mental” level by rationalizing.

One of the best ways to support children in gaining freedom from their nightmares is a leading-edge technique which actually addresses the underlying emotions.

The technique used in the Nightmares-B-Gone 1-2-3 process has been very successful for many children, and parents can benefit from it, too. To find out more about this guaranteed process, visit

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Contributing Author: Wendy Garrido

Wendy is an EFT practitioner and has worked with people from age 3 to 93 to successfully relieve their fears, anxiety, and stresses. She’s found her empowered childhood to be the single most important factor in her balance and success today.

She began North Star Family Matters with the inspiration that every child in this world might have the self-confidence, assertiveness, and love of learning to make healthy decisions in their own lives.  Wendy has degrees from the University of Chicago in Psychology & Economics.

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Wendy Garrido, founder of, helps new & soon-to-be moms give birth confidently, make parenting more fun, and raise children who believe in themselves and care about others. Wendy chose her own schools from the age of 2.5, when her mom told her that she would know which school was right for her, based on how it made her feel. She lives in Oceanside, CA with her husband, Prem, and daughter, Shanti, born in May 2012.

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