Defend the Rights of Kids to Learn!

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Defend the Rights of Kids to Learn!

There is lots of talk about teachers rights.

I’m not supporting teachers rights as the President is asking.  I am supporting the rights of kids to succeed in learning! That is what I am going to start a war on.

Do you know how much money we spend on housing criminals in jail?  A high majority of those criminals never learned to read.  They were destined for failure.

There are a lot of great teachers out there but what other business (oh, other than the federal government) can you be guaranteed a job no matter what your performance or success rate is?  None!

This is not rocket science, nor does it take the right person to make this change is our society.  What it does take is for parents and kids to demand they have the right to succeed at learning in school.  And if that school can’t do it, find one that can!

Every now and then we hear about a school that assumes every kid deserves to succeed.  That is the premise.  And, it works.  These are kids in the inner city whose lives are being infused with hope from school.  Imagine if all kids had that opportunity, and yet nothing happens.  It seems we don’t believe it enough to demand it.

These are our tax dollars being spent and yet parents get treated as if they are the problem if their child can’t learn.  Schools are there to help our kids discover the gifts they have within.  They can only do that if they believe those gifts exist and the primary goal is to support that child in discovery, no matter what.

There are two areas kids can be infused with hope–home and school.  If home is not a place that is amenable to infusion, than school is the only other place our country can hope to make a drastic change for the future.

I think the answer is to start an insurance fund out of the teacher’s funds that guarantees each child’s right to succeed up to 7th grade.  If they fail, the teachers pay out the insurance monies.

Kids in the United States deserve a future and we can only guarantee that through education.  Let’s hear less about the rights of teachers and more about the rights of children to learn.  Start writing the President about the rights of our children.  Write your schools, the principals.

Your child deserves to succeed in learning because we know s/he can and that is what this country needs to change our future!

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