Daily Parenting – Dealing with Children’s Anger

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Daily Parenting – Dealing with Children’s Anger

Think of you child’s brain as a computer…you don’t want to let a emotional event or virus build up as it starts affecting all layers of operations.

Kids have emotions!  Each child is wired differently.  When kids learn to express their emotions in a healthy manner, they can start taking responsibility for their emotions.

No one is responsible for your reactions but you!  Same holds for your child.  Anger is a normal and healthy response when it is used to move forward in life.  How do you do that for your child?

“You sound really angry because Dave took your toy.”

“I am.  He shouldn’t of done it.”

“So you are angry because you think you could keep that toy and when Dave took it it made you angry?”


“We all do things we shouldn’t do.  You are responsible for your reactions.  So let’s see if we can do something with your anger that makes you feel better.

Say, “Even though I am really angry, it is okay.  Everyone gets angry.  I want to do something productive with my anger.”  Now, take a deep breath and tell me what you could do that would help.

“I could go take it back.”

“Yep.  Then what would happen.”

“:Then Dave would be angry!”

“What else?”

“I could tell him it made me angry and i would like it back.”

“Good, and then you will find out how good of a friend he is.”

Acknowledge your child’s emotions and then try to help them move through them so they don’t carry around a bunch of baggage like we did!

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