Conditioning for Discovery of Self

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One of the most important aspects of raising children is the art of self-discovery, something that was not typically encouraged 50 years ago in the era of, “Speak when you’re spoken to.”  Or “Children are to be seen not heard.”  ”I told you to do that.”

There was a belief that the role of parenting was to coerce a child to do what they were told rather than figure out what works well.  As a result, many of us learned to shut down our feelings and instead, buried our “self” under addictions of one sort or the other in an attempt to feel better.

Life changes.  Humans evolve.  We learn more about how we function and there is no doubt that children are simply incredible masses of complicated intelligence and spirit–to whatever degree they come into the world.  Children flourish when they know they have the right to, combined with support for figuring out how they need to change and how they can change their world.

Everything a parent does with a child conditions that child for shutting down or opening up.  It’s just the way the brain is wired.  What a wonderful reality, to know that we are not responsible for making our kids something, but rather we are responsible for allowing our kids to figure out who they are in the world as they develop the life skills to ask for what they need to be all that they can be.

Take a new path today with your child and open up communication, support and the vibrancy of life.

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