Bedtime Stories For Little Ones – Spirit Talk

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Bedtime Stories For Little Ones – Spirit Talk

A sample of our bedtime stories for little ones, today is Spirit Talk for ages  Newborn – 12 months

Written to be read aloud to the child, these are more of a script than a story, two minutes maximum, around 150 words. Each story covers one topic and bonds parent and child through emotional themes such as love, potential, compassion, etc.

Writing to a smooth, peaceful cadence, the goal is to create calming, emotional stories that serve as affirmations to empower parents with the truth of who they are and who their child is.  They help prepare parent and child for the experiences to come and offer positive interpretations of our parent-child experiences.

Spirit Talk – You Are A Miracle

As I hold you in my arms and watch your sleeping face, I am filled with love. You are a miracle and your presence gives me a chance to rediscover all the love I have within me.

In this moment, I am so aware of my connection with you and all the love and beauty that exists in this world.  In you, I see the potential of each of us to make a difference.

I will do my best to raise you with love, peace, and compassion.  And when I react with stress or anger, you are never to blame.  I am always responsible for my actions, just as I want you to be responsible for yours.

We have so much to learn, you and I. Every day, as I watch you grow, the love within me grows and I see us moving forward together in this world

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