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Sue Woodward

Sue Woodward

Sue was born in Detroit, Michigan in a typical, dysfunctional family of the 50′s. She raised three empowered daughters as a single parent, in spite of bouts of depression, unemployment, severe medical issues and extreme levels of stress.

The techniques and values she developed for raising three confident, self-motivated, curious children are backed by numerous scientific studies and form the philosophical base of North Star Family Matters Magazine.

In addition, Sue has had an eclectic array of business management successes including Photo Operations Manager at Newsweek, Vice President of a celebrity jet company and an engineering company, and over ten years managing her own consulting business based on empowering companies with profit sharing and the creative process.

She is also an EFT coach and has had great success helping parents and kids tune into their creativity to “think outside the box”. Her dream is to impact the world of parenting via magazines, books, and movies to empower kids with new techniques for building self-esteem from within.

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